All the dishes are cooked with fresh and seasonal ingredients, with locals as well as with many Italian products. Unmissable is a pizza to complement what is the flagship of Chef Gerardo…homemade pasta.

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Pizza del Giorno

CHF 18.50 – CHF 22.50

Tuna steak with vegetables

CHF 38.50

Finely sliced veal with tomato spaghetti

CHF 38.50

Grilled giant prawns (With herbs and garlic, side dish of your choice)

CHF 41.50

Fish-based dish with vegetables (According to the selection of the day)

CHF 36.00 – CHF 44.50


Green salad

CHF 8.50

Mixed salad

CHF 10.50

Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and basil

CHF 16.50

Tomato cream soup

CHF 10.50

Soup of the day

CHF 8.50 – CHF 11.00

Sea Carpaccio – Three kinds of fish (Octopus, tuna, cod)

as appetizer: CHF 23.50
as main course: CHF 28.50

Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and arugula

as appetizer: CHF 24.50
as main course: CHF 29.50

Grilled vegetables

as appetizer: CHF 14.50
as main course: CHF 18.50

Focaccia (Ligurian flatbread, Cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmesan cheese)

CHF 10.50

For information on allergens in each dish, contact our service staff.

All prices include VAT.

Origin of veal and beef: Switzerland.


Our pasta is lovingly handcrafted by ourselves.


Here the experience does not end at the restaurant: Cantina Santa Verena offers over a hundred labels to choose from. With bottles from Italy, Switzerland and excellences from other regions it is imperative to meet the expectations of the guests.

To end the journey, have a look at the vast and accurate selection of the best Grappa, born from the passion and continuous research of our Chef Gerardo, a world to discover and to enjoy.